The Three Dragon Gods

Dragons are mighty beings, and are plentiful. The three strongest and origins of all others are the Three Dragon Gods. Together they are the strongest force known on the planet but for the last 5000 years only one has been awake at a time. Each also uses their own method to create dragons. The three are as follows: The Sky Dragon, The Undead Dragon, and The Moon Dragon.

The Sky Dragon is the most seen and interacted with of the trio. He enjoys playing with the weaker races and granting wishes. He has a few forms but his 3 best known are the beyond giant white dragon in the sky, a draconic noble looking man, and a lesser sized yet still giant white dragon that was slain. The Sky Dragon makes his kind with deal making. Either he buys ones child causing them to be born draconic, or he adopts an already living being into his fold. He is also known as The Elemental Dragon, The Sky, and Father Dragon.

The Undead Dragon although well seen for a God is generally only seen by her cult. She does not care to deal with most beings typically limiting herself to persons/matters involving death/undeath. Her only known form is a beyond giant undead dragon that last know resides somewhere under the Grand Continent. The Undead Dragon has the fewest children and none are really sure how she beings them about.

The Moon Dragon is so unseen none are sure what he truly looks like. He is considered a major occult figure and its revered by many mages. His children also seem to be the most arcane as his brothers and sisters children and be traced back to some starting form before dragon his seem to come from nothing. He is also known as The Unkown, and The Moon. In the current year he is the awakened dragon.

The last time all 3 of The Dragon Gods were awake together their combined influence lead to form The Dragon Empire. The Dragon Empire never truly died but no one can say in the current year that its truly alive either.

The Three Dragon Gods

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